Black Swan is a world class training provider, bridging the gap between the IT systems that businesses run on a daily basis and those people that have to operate them.

People are a key element in making any system work and Black Swan knows that by empowering ‘your people’ with the right knowledge; together we can make a difference.

Our training will ensure that your people understand how your IT systems operate, in the way that they were intended and in the way that they will make the expected difference in your business.

Black Swan works with two distinct market groups:

End-User companies

Where Black Swan will:

  • Listen to the requirement
  • Deliver unique solutions
  • Administer the project for you
  • Deliver world class quality training
  • Continue with ‘follow ups’ to make sure it sticks

IT Companies

Where Black Swan will:

  • Work as your appointed training partner
  • Deliver world class quality training on your products, to your clients
  • Present a deeper value proposition to your prospects
  • Deliver bespoke training packages
  • Ensure your ‘bench is lean’ – zero permanent overhead

Black Swan uses accredited Microsoft training professionals and has experience with the following packages:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • LiquidLogic ICS
  • Corelogic Framework
  • Custom CRM Systems
  • Custom ERP systems