Black Swan is not just a business software specialist. Whilst we understand software and information technology, we also understand how businesses depend upon technology systems and platforms. We know how to create business advantage by enhancing the way businesses use their software systems.

A software programme is only as good as its operator, as well as the way the programme is configured. For many businesses the software they use is under utilised and may even be incorrectly configured to the needs of the business.

This is where Black Swan can help.

What do we do?

We work with the business owner or stakeholder to understand what their business does, how the business operates, what it needs to do better, as well as what software platforms the business is using to achieve its daily, weekly and monthly goals.

We audit your processes, assessing how effectively current systems and software packages are operating. We make recommendations on how your processes could be improved and what additional software functionality would make this possible.

Black Swan then recommends and implements software and process changes that will help the business operate more efficiently, more productively and more profitably.

We will then train your staff to operate your new systems and processes. And by offering ongoing support, we can ensure all new software functionality continues to make a difference in your business.