The challenge

Their supplier was processing orders in an Excel format that was not suitable for the UK market so the company employed somebody to copy and paste the information into another spreadsheet that was compatible with the UK operation. This process was far too longwinded and had to be changed.

Our solution

Black Swan upgraded the Excel spreadsheet, making it into a sophisticated order form with a series of ‘drop downs’ and limitations on what could be entered. This reduced the number of errors in each order and assured customers got exactly what they ordered.

Black Swan automated the transfer of each order to the factory, which included sending an email to the supplier, with an order acknowledgement to the customer. This meant that the process that previously took most of a working day to complete, now took an hour!

Black Swan trained the team how to use the bespoke Excel programme, focusing on the elements that each individual needed to know so they could use the new ordering system, rather than focusing on features that they would never use. The business has grown and developed and whilst turnover has doubled, the existing order processing team has not, comfortably managing the significant increase in sales orders.

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