Reading Borough Council

The challenge

Black Swan Training was tasked to provide tailor-made training to over a thousand members of staff at Reading Borough Council. Called in at a very late stage because the in-house trainer wasn’t competent, the most important element of Black Swan Training’s approach was to emphasise the application of the software rather than its features, thereby making the training a valuable contribution rather than a bolt-on process.

Our solution

Initially Black Swan Training conducted a training pilot that highlighted the operational and structural challenges that were present in Reading Borough Council’s children’s service. This gave a true and invaluable snapshot of the operation and helped with the ensuing programme development. Not only was the software new, but so were the processes which meant Black Swan had to teach the new processes as much as the new software.

Black Swan developed training courses around fictional cases using the new procedures, delivering similar programmes for a number of the other services, including: children, adults and mental health, all of which had their own procedures and cases.

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