Pearce & Co

The challenge

Pearce & Co needed a database in which they could record details of their clients’ rental properties. This would include details of the property and the landlord, the rental value of the property, the dates of various reviews, as well as other important statutory information and critical dates.

Our solution

Using its extensive knowledge of the Microsoft platform, Black Swan developed a solution using an Excel spreadsheet. The key was creating a procedure that would be simple to operate by all staff, where data could be easily input and retrieved at will. Black Swan included the ability for the users to access properties via ‘buttons to view’, in addition to adding new properties, editing those properties or deleting them as and when required.

Once the system was built, staff were all trained in its operation ensuring the whole company could access key data from client properties, with Black Swan being on call to answer any queries, in addition to hand holding during its implementation.

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